Golf is a game that focuses on one main goal: to put a white ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible. And as a great game, it is, it needs to use fields that meet the requirements and labels that this sport requires. In this article, we will show you the types of golfing areas most used by professionals.

When a golf course designer or architect is going to design a new project, you will always see the type of terrain and nature that the estate has.

  1. Nine-hole fields

This golf course is ideal for those who love this sport. In this field, you can play in one and a half hours or two hours at most. It has a 9-hole circuit where you can put the ball in the hole with more than 30 hits with the stick.

  1. Fields Pitch and Putt

These courses are perfect for apprentices and golf beginners. This is a field of pairs 3, and their holes do not have lengths higher than 90 meters. Golfer teachers and academies widely use it.

  1. High mountain fields

It is a specialized field for landscapers and nature lovers, since the area itself is nature, of course, without damaging or polluting it. It has a full surface, and the playing time varies according to the player’s need. It is a field that promises pleasant experiences and incredible views.

  1. Atlantic climate fields

They have a theme very similar to the high mountain fields, with the difference that they have lakes in their surroundings. In the first instance, it was considered a decorative medium to the area, but over time the players involved it as part of the game where they have to dodge them to get the ball into the hole.

  1. Mini golf

These fields are usually ideal for children, or for beginners, who do not have a lot of time. These small fields are often found in parks and resorts. His only goal is to push the ball into the hole, and his number of hits is virtually nil.

  1. 18-hole field or ” regulation course.”

They are the most widely used golfers in the world. Its duration is a little long, from three hours to five and a half hours. As its name indicates, it has several 18 holes, and its game culminates with several more than 70 hits. These fields have spectacular views that fall in love and promise to entertain us much more than we can.

  1. Golf course executive

This field is ideal for kids who start this sport, rookies, seniors, and players with some kind of disability. Their surfaces are extensive, and their number of strokes to complete the game is about 55 or 70 strokes.

  1. Fields pairs 3

These are fields that require people with great practice to be able to dominate them; in this field, you will use all types of sticks that have your transport bag. It consists of 18 holes in which the ball is put with three strokes, which in total would be 54 strokes. Besides, their floors are a little expensive.