Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club, situated in the direction of the western end of the island in Warwick, is considered as the one that holds the distinctive and oldest program in Bermuda. It started operating in 1922, and the program has gained a charm that attracts several visitors to go back to the golf club. While the club is an exclusive club, site visitors and tourists to the island rate.

Upon learning of the happy discovery, the President issued the necessary guidelines to crystallize the project: to acquire the chosen land and obtain the required human support in the form of economic aid. As well as the Convocation power for support and promotion of the creation of the club, and thus to carry out its construction and development; these support was found in the collaborators close to the president and in the private initiative.

Fortunately, the terrain met the requirements for a golf course of excellence: topographic, soil, river, water supply, flora, and panoramic factors. It was located in a soft valley between two hills, further down there was a stony territory and some plots duly planted with corn. It was formerly located within the grounds in an area that was covered by fine sand of volcanic origin, in the long run, the Rocky and volcanic soil helped the golf course by avoiding disastrous floods in the rainy season.

Another important detail for the golf course was the existence of a small river with water throughout the year that crosses the terrain, to which came another smaller one, called the name of God, forming both a kind of “T.”

Golf course

This forest with pine trees over 150 years old is one of the main assets and pride of the club members. The panoramic view surrounding the countryside was not left behind: It was designed and built the field taking advantage of to the perfection the elements that nature provided. The rivers have varied difficulty to the players; the cedar forest offers a pleasant and friendly, not to mention the importance of it in the path of each hole; the contours of the Valley and the undulations of the terrain themselves.

The construction of the field was costly, both because of the vast area (approximately 760 thousand square meters) the entire land had to be covered with fertile soil to sow the grass. There are editorial notes from the period that speak of the beauty achieved with the construction of this work.

For the connoisseurs, it was evident that the Golf Club course it was built with all the elements that assured it to display World Quality in its journey. This space was placed in a picturesque place, where both locals and foreigners felt at ease because it enjoyed a new dimension of breadth and complexity.

In the decades of 1960 and 1970, the Golf Club happened to be the largest community of golfers in the region with 450 members, of which more than 100 were players, part of his success was the continued impetus to the practice of sports among its members, of the hand of professionally trained professor. At a time when the country was on the regional listings, the club was recognized as a hotbed of renowned golfers.