Ridell’s Bay Golf Resort:

Play the Sport and Bet for Added Fun

Welcome to Riddell’s Bay golf and country club. The ancient home of golf in Bermuda. We also have one of the best golf resorts and nature view of the Island.

The Beauty Of Golf

Golf is one of the most popular and luxurious sports with lots of fans worldwide. Golf is very interesting and places huge demands on its players.

Riddell’s golf course is the oldest in Bermuda and very memorable for most golf players and fans. The peninsula sited golf course spans about 600 yards and 5800 yards of par 70 with beautiful sights to behold. The first hole, a dogleg right located at the left green poses the great start challenge with the second giving you a good view of the Great Sound.

At the 8th hole, you can easily donate your ball to Great Sound’s Balls collection if you are not accurate. You also have the graceful view of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. The 9th to 11th holes feature short-makers course. Players might also encounter challenges with the 12th to 14th hole with the 15th paying off. The 16th to 17th holes offer a score of one stroke under par on a hole while the 18th, with the beautiful clubhouse in the picture, gives you the option of employing most of the lessons learned from other holes.

Generally, golf courses are made up of holes. There is a teeing box, the rough, fairway, and hazards. The green also comprises a flagstick and a hole. Most golf courses have golf clubs and part of their activities is to educate golfers on the game of golf. Most golf clubs are training clubs.

Golf tournaments are international golf competitions held in different parts of the world. The tournament features the best golf players and the best golf resorts from different parts of the world. Golf fans always look forward to these events as some plan their vacation around these tournaments. The best golf tournaments include:

  • The Masters: This tournament has featured part of the greatest moments for golf fans since 1934. The tournament is one of the most anticipated golf tournaments held at the best golf resorts.
  • PGA Championship: The PGA Championship is the second most popular golf championship after the Masters. This Championship features most of the world’s top-ranking golf players. Very amazing shots are also rewarded in this championship making it interesting for both the player and also the spectators.
  • The U.S. Open: This championship takes place in different courses with holes made in a way to make scoring challenging.
  • The British Open: This is the oldest championship. It dates back to 1860 and has been played in many historic courses.

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The Best Golf Tournament


Fun Things To Do In And Near Golf Resorts

Most of the popular golf courses house some of the best golf resorts. The best golf resorts usually have good accommodation facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants so you can check out their facilities. Some of the best golf resorts also have arrangements for tours for visitors, therefore, you can take advantage of such an opportunity to visit amazing places.